Experienced Plumbers For Emergency 修复s

当你遇到水管问题时,比如漏水或排水管堵塞,你需要尽快得到帮助. You need a plumber you can rely on. TLC的授权团队, 经验丰富的水管工 are ready to respond to your plumbing emergency big or small. 当你有一个意想不到的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载问题,你现在需要帮助时,求助于TLC. 我们所有的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载工都是训练有素的专家,有经验修理所有类型的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载问题,你可能在你的家里. 

Why choose TLC for your plumbing repair:

  • We always answer our 电话 even in the middle of the night
  • 我们的工作保修一年
  • 100%的满意保证
  • Available evenings, holidays, and weekends

When should you call a plumber for an emergency?


  • 你没有热水 如果你的水龙头和装置里没有热水,你通常需要尽快让水管工出来. 我们的水管工是这方面的专家 修理热水器 甚至在下班后也要更换热水器,这样您就可以依靠我们的团队,在尽可能少的中断的情况下,迅速恢复热水供应.
  • A 堵塞下水道 you can’t clear – 你不会想太多家里的排水系统,直到你有一个 堵塞下水道 你一个人搞不清的. TLC有一个专门的排水专家小组谁在家庭和业务排水管线日夜. 
  • Sewage backing up into your home – What’s worse than a 堵塞下水道? 当污水开始流进浴缸或淋浴间时,你需要立即找个水管工. 从TLC的排水团队得到安心,他们可以来你家白天或晚上 修理下水道备用ku娱乐真人体育平台下载.
  • 你的管子破了 A burst or broken pipe can cause a lot of water damage to your home. Unfortunately, a burst pipe can happen without any warning. You can trust TLC to respond quickly to 修理坏了的水管. 我们的水管工经验丰富,可以修理破裂的水管,如有需要,也可以安装新水管. 如果你不知道在这样的紧急情况下如何关闭水龙头,请观看我们的视频学习 how to locate your main water shutoff 阀.

What to do in a plumbing emergency?


Locate your 水切断阀. In case of an emergency you should know where your 水切断阀 is in your home before you have an emergency. Our video shows you how to locate your shut off 阀. If you live in an older home there is a possibility you don’t have one. 下次你让我们的水管工到你家时,请他们告诉你你的关闭阀是什么样子,或者检查一下安装的选项.

If you smell gas call the gas company. You should leave your home immediately to avoid 一氧化碳中毒 给煤气公司打电话.


Emergency plumbing repair costs in ku娱乐游戏平台

Emergency plumbing repair costs can vary based on the type of repair.

  • ku娱乐真人体育平台下载维修类型: ku娱乐真人体育平台下载维修的价格会根据你所遇到的问题的类型而有所不同. 一些ku娱乐真人体育平台下载维修可能很简单,而更大的问题可能更昂贵.
  • 维修地点: If you have a plumbing problem like a broken water pipe that is under your home, 或者要求我们的水管工把它挖出来以找到问题这将增加维修的成本.


Our 紧急ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 修复 过程

1) 24/7呼叫我们服务

Both of our locations offer 24-hour emergency service. We always recommend calling us for emergency service at (505) 761-9644 in ku娱乐游戏平台/里约热内卢牧场 area or (505) 471-0119 在圣达菲. We always have a live person answering our 电话s.

2) Send a plumber to your home or 业务

Once we speak with you on the 电话 we will send a plumber out to your home or 业务 进行修理.


The plumber will come out to your home to fix the plumbing problem day or night.

4) We make sure you’re happy with our work

Once we’ve completed the repairs we will ensure your satisfaction with our work. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work please tell us. We know that plumbing problems can be frustrating. 我们的工作是确保修复工作尽可能快地完成,对你的生活的干扰越少越好.


ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 problems can be frustrating and expensive. 我们的工作是确保维修工作尽可能迅速和有效地进行. Here are some common problems and questions we get from our customers.

How do you turn off the water in your home?

如果你需要关闭你家的水,在大多数家庭都有一个关闭阀. There are two common places the shut off 阀 can be located at; either in the garage or under a sink. Watch our video to see how to shut off the water to your home.

What if I don’t find the shut off 阀 – Sometimes older homes don’t have a shut off 阀. 如果您无法找到关闭阀,您应该打电话给TLC,让我们找到或安装一个关闭阀,以防止紧急情况下的水损坏. 如果你在ku娱乐真人体育平台下载紧急情况下找不到你的水关闭阀,你可以打电话给水务公司寻求帮助:

ku娱乐游戏平台水务局- (505) 842-9287
圣达菲水城- (505) 955-4333


Water pipes can burst when they freeze. 我们的水管工发现,在冬天开始和夏天开始的时候,水管破裂是最常见的. 这背后的一个理论是,这两种温度变化都会导致地面移动,导致ku娱乐真人体育平台下载破裂.


你没有热水的最常见的原因是热水器的引航器坏了. There is no heat source to heat the water. The pilot can go out for a few reasons. Most common causes for the pilot to go out is a broken thermocouple, faulty gas 阀 or lack of air flow. 你需要打电话给TLC或其他有资质的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载公司来修理这个问题.

What to do when you have a burst pipe?

当你发现水管破裂时,你需要关闭供水,然后打电话给TLCku娱乐真人体育平台下载工进行维修. You need to shut the water off otherwise to prevent water damage in your home. If you don’t shut the water off, the water will flow out without stopping. 如果你不知道你家的水关闭阀在哪里,你可以观看我们的视频. 如果你不能把水关掉,你需要打电话给供水公司.


You can sometimes hear a pipe burst which can sound like a loud pop or bang. However, most often homeowners don’t hear the pipe break. 通常情况下,大多数房主不知道他们有一个破裂的水管,直到他们发现一个潮湿的地方或损坏的干墙. 有时候,当你知道家里没有水的时候,你可以听到自来水的声音.

What do you do when sewage starts coming up the drain in your bathtub or shower?

如果你的浴缸或淋浴间的下水道里有污水,当你冲厕所的时候,你有一个 你们的主下水道堵塞了. 你需要打电话给像TLC这样的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载公司,他们有排水设备来清理排水ku娱乐真人体育平台下载.

TLCku娱乐真人体育平台下载 can clear your main sewer line when it backs up. Our plumbers are able to fix this issue for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you have a drain back up turn to TLC to help quickly.

Why is washing machine water backing up into the shower?

如果你的洗衣机的水倒进淋浴或浴缸,你有一个主要的下水道排水管问题. 洗衣机里的水无法从家里的总排水管排出去,所以它会流到家里的其他排水管里, commonly a shower or bathtub drain. 有时它根本排不出去,水只是呆在洗衣机里. TLC’s plumbers are trained to clear main 下水道排水问题 and are available 24 hours a day.

What does it mean when your 下水道备份?

如果 下水道备份 it means your main sewer drain line from your home is clogged. 你家里所有的下水道都是连接的,然后排到主下水道ku娱乐真人体育平台下载,该ku娱乐真人体育平台下载连接到城市下水道系统或化粪池系统. 当下水道倒流时,什么都排不出去了,必须把下水道清理干净. You will need a professional plumbing company to clear the drain.

What do you do if you hear water running through the walls?

如果你听到水穿过你的墙壁或在你的家里,但你没有自来水,你需要致电TLCku娱乐真人体育平台下载查找泄漏. TLC提供 泄漏检测 services to locate and repair the leak.


Yes plumbers fix and install gas pipes. TLC’s plumbers are licensed and experienced in repairing and installing 天然气ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 in residential and commercial properties.


At TLC, we offer the following guarantees and warranties on our plumbing repairs.


If you’re not completely satisfied with your new furnace, we promise to make it right—at no additional cost.


Manufacturer warranties vary based on the manufacturer. TLC will honor the manufacturer warranty for any furnaces that we install.


If your furnace fails within the first year due to our installation work, 我们将免费修理或更换.

Protect your home’s plumbing system with preventive maintenance.

定期维护和检查是防止水管紧急事故的最好方法. TLC提供预防性维护计划,包括每年的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载检查. Our plumbers perform an annual inspection of the plumbing in your home. 会员还可以享受额外服务的折扣,并为您提供全年的安心和舒适. 了解更多ku娱乐游戏平台 TLC预防性维护.

When you have a plumbing problem TLC is here for you?